SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 – An Introduction

The SiGMA Europe Summit 2023 conference will be showcasing all the latest innovations and iGaming products that have either shaken the industry or are yet to be introduced. The event will be hosting various speakers from around the world to address these innovations and speak about the iGaming industry’s future. With this year’s event witnessing a venue three times the size of the previous conference there is a lot more to expect regarding exhibiting and networking. So, let’s have a closer look at the iGaming event of the year and what it may bring.

What to Expect From the iGaming Conference of the Year

To say the SiGMA Europe Summit has had a profound impact on an ever-evolving industry would be an understatement. The importance of this event can be seen in the growth from a mere 1,000 delegates at the first conference in 2014 to an expected 25,000 at this year’s event. The 2023 SiGMA Europe Summit will be held at the Mediterranean Maritime Hub, Xatt il-Mollijieet, Marsa, in Malta from 13-17 November 2023 with the presence of 750+ Operators, 200+ speakers, and 200+ exhibitors.


The Latest Trends in iGaming to Be Discussed at the Summit

With the SiGMA Europe Summit being largely popular for networking and discussing the latest iGaming trends delegates can look forward to discussions on emerging crypto trends, Web 3, Blockchain, digital innovations effects on the economy, and more on the AIBC stage. All these topics and more will be thoroughly discussed by industry leaders to dissect the future of an ever-growing industry. Furthermore, with the emergence of AI and smart technology, many discussions will be taking place to closely study the fast development.
For keeping up to date on the latest developments in the iGaming industry the SiGMA Europe Summit will see the popular SiGMA B2C Awards once again taking place at the Hilton, Malta, to showcase the latest leaders and their innovations and present them with awards.
In a fast-paced industry such as iGaming it is vital to stay up to date on the latest developments and innovations, which is what SiGMA Europe Summit brings to the table.

The Best Networking Opportunities

The SiGMA Europe Summit stands as the single most important networking event among iGaming leaders and innovators looking to embrace new ideas and share their thoughts. With networking being an essential factor in visiting the event there are many chances to do so. Delegates can take part in networking opportunities through 35 dinners, daily networking drinks, 8 parties, 2 awards nights, 8 networking sports events, cultural tours, and much more.

Top Networking Opportunities at SiGMA Europe Summit

Charity 6K Fun Run

Affiliate Drinks Meetup

Conference Breakfast

  • 14 November | MMH

Networking Drinks

iGathering Dinner


Attend the SiGMA Europe Summit – 13-17 November 2023

The SiGMA Europe Summit is a conference like no other for all iGaming professionals to attend. With various networking opportunities with industry leaders and affiliates, the event stands as one of the most important events in the industry. Learn about the latest in crypto gaming, AI, emerging tech, and all while getting business done. Stay up to date on all the latest news and developments on the SiGMA Europe Summit and other upcoming iGaming events through Casino Legends.