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Top Online Casinos for Bank Transfer Payments

Many online casinos provide the basic and most popular payment options, such as e-wallet and debit card payments. Although these options have been proven to be safe and easy to do, bank transfers are a more secure option that would only take a couple of moments to be processed. Some casinos may, however, only provide bank transfer options for withdrawals and not for deposits.

Below are the most trusted, popular, and enticing online casinos and sportsbooks in the UK that provide bank transfer payment options for deposits and withdrawals.


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Compare The Best Options in Bank Transfer Online Casinos

Bank transfers have become a favourite payment option for many UK online gamblers as it is safe, reliable, and provide limitless deposit and withdrawal amounts. Some of the most trusted online casinos in the UK have slowly become supportive of this payment method and make it possible to make quick payments straight from your bank account. See the table below for the ultimate lowdown on top bank-transfer online casinos in the UK, their bonuses, and their most helpful features.



Deposit £10 Get a £40 Bonus

helpful feature

check24/7 Live Chat Support



Deposit £10 Get 200% Match + Up to 100 Free Spins

helpful feature

checkNo Max Cashout



Deposit £10 and get 20 Free Spins + Free Bingo

helpful feature

checkDedicated Mobile App

What Exactly are Bank Transfer Casino Payments?

Bank transfer payments, also known as “wire transfers”, are done by transferring funds directly from your bank account to the casino’s bank account. Generally, if you are making a bank transfer payment, the casino or online sportsbook would request you to send proof of payment after the payment has been made.
Bank transfer payments are generally easy to do but are considered to be the most efficient way of depositing into your casino account via the casino’s mobile site. This will automatically open your bank account, making it easy to transfer via the in-app notification.

Most Secure Payment Method

Bank transfer payments are well known for being among the most secure options. Since bank transfers are processed through your banking app, you can rely on the high security that is in place by the bank. Not only are you protecting your funds but also your valuable personal information.
By choosing the bank transfer among all casino depositing methods, you are skipping any additional accounts where you may need to share your personal data or banking information, as this is a payment straight to the casino or sportsbook.


Difference Between Bank Transfer and Debit Card


Debit and credit card payments are by far the most popular payment method for online casino members. This is partly due to it being among the easiest and most approachable payment methods available. This, however, can be a risky method to use as sensitive information needs to be supplied to the operator you are using.


Bank transfers are not done by providing your banking details but rather by accessing your own online banking account and making a direct payment to the casino operator. Debit card payments may also require additional charges from your bank, depending on your account.

It is also important to consider that the UK Gambling Commission does not allow credit card payments for online casinos. This, in turn, makes bank transfer payment methods the next best option if you can wait through the processing time.

Online Casino Bank Transfers: The Pros

Online casino bank transfers are vastly used by UK players as it provides a safe, secure, and easy-to-use payment method without unnecessary drawbacks on fees and limitations on deposits and withdrawals. If you are looking for a more productive payment method and you are willing to wait through the processing time it could be a potentially game-changing payment method to use.

Below are a few of the most appreciated benefits when making withdrawals or deposits via bank transfer and instant bank transfer to online casinos.


Safe and Secure Financial Transactions

The UK not only has some of the most trusted online casinos but also the safest and most secure banks for your online bank transfers. With most online payment options, players are required to provide sensitive information, which is not needed with online bank transfers.


No Max Transfer Limits

With the majority of online casinos in the UK, certain max withdrawal limits will be in place. With bank transfer options, limits are usually not in place. As an example. When making a deposit via bank transfer into a Unibet account, you can deposit your own desired amount, whereas with debit card payments on the same platform, there is a minimum of £5 and a maximum of £10,000 which need to be adhered to.


Accessibility for Players in the UK

Online gamblers in the UK can look forward to many options for casinos which accept bank transfer payments. In some cases, there are certain limitations when making bank transfers by deposit, which include some bonuses only being obtainable through debit payments. Most UK casinos support both deposit and withdrawal of bank transfers.

Alternatively, you can also deposit and withdraw via Instant Bank Transfer through services such as Trustly in the UK.

Online Casino Bank Transfers: The Cons

Bank transfer payments have quickly become the go-to payment option for many UK players looking to make secure payments. With this popularity, instant bank transfers via third-party operators have made the option even more sufficient due to faster processing times, but there are still some worrisome cons for some players who opt for other banking options.

Below are some of the most important factors to consider about bank transfer cons.


High Bank Charges

Depending on whom you are banking with, bank transfer payments to online casinos may be more expensive than debit card or e-wallet payments. In fact, some UK banks do not support bank transfers to online casinos. Generally speaking, bank transfers do have larger fees to consider than other payments. Simply check with your bank to see what your charges are for bank transfers to make sure whether it is the best option for your online casino deposits and withdrawals.


Longer Processing Times

Bank transfers take much longer than other payment options to casinos, except if you are using instant bank transfers via options such as Trustly. With Trsutly payments, players are, however, opting in to sign an account with a third-party operator, which takes away the benefit of not providing personal details and keeping your data secure.


Data Protection and GDPR

Although bank transfer payments are among the most safe and secure banking options for online casino deposits and withdrawals some other options can surpass the overall security efficiency of bank transfers. Many online players and bettors prefer to use cryptocurrency payments as a means of depositing and withdrawing funds from online casino accounts as they do tend to have the most secure technology.

Are Bank Transfers Really Reliable for Depositing?

Bank transfers are reliable for depositing and withdrawing funds to and from online casino accounts. The conclusion on bank transfer reliability lies in the fewer entities that are involved, which makes the payment option extremely secure and reliable. Online casino payments tend to provide a large variety of payment options, some of which may require third-party services to get involved. With bank transfers, the funds will be directly moved between the casino and your own bank account to minimise the chance of abuse, theft, money loss, and scams.


How to Use Bank Transfer Deposits with Online Casinos

Bank transfers are easily made to online casinos as it works the same way as you would make an EFT to any other account. Yet, with so many alternative options, such as instant bank transfers and specific laws for different countries, you may require assistance.
Go through the guide below to make your first bank transfer deposit to your favourite online casino in the UK.


Requirements For Bank Transfer payments

The first and most obvious requirement for online bank transfers is to have registered an account with a UK bank. Secondly, you will need to have funds in the account, as the UK gambling commission does not allow credit money to be paid to online casino platforms. In order to open a bank account, you would also be required to have proof of identity and proof of residence.


Instructions Guide for Bank Transfer Deposit

If you are looking to make a bank transfer to an online casino, it is recommended to use the mobile site of the platform, as it should automatically open your banking app for quick and secure payment options. With the mobile option, you would be required to simply follow the notification prompts from the app.
On the desktop, you are required to navigate to your online banking profile, sign in, and make an EFT to the online casino.


How to Safely Use Bank Transfer Deposit To Your Online Casino Account

Opening a separate bank account for your online entertainment (including online banking) is vital to keep track of your spending, which helps with keeping a responsible attitude towards gambling. Secondly, you should only make use of trusted legal online casinos in the UK. The top choices for online casinos registered in the UK are MrQ, All British Casino and Unibet, which are all supportive of bank transfer deposits.
Lastly, do not deposit more money than you have already budgeted. Always set limits on the casino that you are depositing into.

How to Withdrawal Your Winnings with Bank Transfer

Withdrawals can easily be made into your account. In fact, some of the most trusted online casinos, such as 32Red, support bank transfers only for withdrawals and not deposits in the UK. Withdrawing straight into a bank account may assist in minimising charges which may have been added through using third-party payment providers.

If you are looking to make a withdrawal straight into your bank account, you can follow the guide below to do so safely and efficiently.


Instructions Guide for Bank Transfer Withdrawal

Depending on the online casino platform you are using, the steps may be different. With the majority of online casinos, the banking section can be navigated to form your profile, where you will be provided with a variety of options to choose from to withdraw.

Simply choose the bank transfer method, the desired amount, and your banking details, and wait for the online casino to process the transaction. This may take a few days, depending on the amount, your bank, and the casino.


How to Minimise Processing Time Delays with Bank Transfer

Bank transfer payments will generally take longer than other options, as most e-wallet and debit card options are instant or 1-3 days processing. In order to get the fastest processing time it is vital to make sure your provided details are correct and that you make the withdrawal request at least 5 days before weekends and holidays to ensure that your payment will not be hanging over these days.

Conclusion: Online Casino Bank Transfers Reliability and Security


Bank transfer payments stand as the perfect solution for those wanting a more secure payment method without the risks that go with sharing sensitive data. As banking websites have superb security, it keeps casino members safe from harm while being able to make larger withdrawals than when opting for other payment options.


With the added benefit of being able to use a separate bank account from your transactional account, you can also ensure a more responsible gambling experience and be able to keep track of your finances easier.


Use reliable and trusted online casinos when considering making a bank transfer deposit or withdrawal. If you are not sure about the casino, research their licensing and regulation authorities before making any deposits. All 8 online casinos and sportsbooks mentioned here are fully licenced and regulated by the appropriate author records in the UK.


As not all casinos provide welcome bonuses with bank transfer payments, it is vital to first read the bonus terms in order to see if you would still be eligible with your chosen casino payment method. It is further concluded to consider mobile bank transfers as it will provide an easier transaction via your app.

FAQ: Bank Transfer Casinos

  • What is a bank transfer online casino?

    Simply put, a bank transfer online casino is an online gambling platform which supports bank transfers from its members. This means that all members of the platform can deposit funds or withdraw their winnings via bank transfer payment options. Bank transfers are offered by trusted and reliable online casino platforms.

  • How to deposit funds by means of online bank transfer?

    The first thing is to make sure your desired online casino supports the bank transfer payment method for deposits. If so, simply select the banking method at the deposits section of the platform and navigate to your online baking site where you need to make the transaction.

  • Are online casino bank transfers secure?

    Yes. Banks in the UK have among the best online security measures in place. This means that the advanced security protocols of the bank will protect your funds as well as all sensitive information that you do not want to share. Always remember to practise caution by only using regulated platforms.

  • How long is the processing time for a bank transfer deposit to be credited to an online casino?

    The duration of time the deposit or withdrawal will take depends on the bank you are using for the payment. This can, however, take anything from a few minutes to a few working days. If you are in a hurry for payments and do not want to use a debit card or e-wallet option, you can opt for an instant bank transfer service.

  • Are there any fees associated with online casino bank transfer deposits and withdrawals?

    Some online casinos do charge a fee for withdrawals via bank transfer, but this will mostly only be applicable for large amounts. Deposits via bank transfer are never charged by the casino but your standard transaction fees of the bank will remain necessary.

  • Are there deposit or withdrawal limits for bank transfer online casinos?

    The majority of online casinos provide their members with the benefit of not adding any limits to their bank transfer options. Bank transfers via online casinos are generally not set at a limit for either a deposit or withdrawal payment but always read the casino’s payment terms for assurance.

  • Do online casino bank transfers offer bonuses?

    Bonuses are available for members who deposit by means of bank transfer, although welcome bonuses may sometimes be excluded from members who make use of this payment method. Always read the bonus terms of the welcome bonus for assurance of receiving the offer before making the payment.