UK Real Money Roulette Guide

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games available today. With this Casino Legends real money roulette guide you will find all the most valuable information on real money vs free variations, how to play, different rules, and more. Start your roulette journey with Casino Legends.

Online Roulette Overview UK

Online roulette stands as one of the most popular online casino games that is enjoyed by a vast number of casino enthusiasts around the world. In the UK, online roulette has gained significant success in both free and real money plays. The game consists of a wheel with 38 numbered pockets in red, black, and green colours. You simply bet on which colour or number the ball will stop in and wait for the results after the wheel stops. Bets are grouped into inside and outside bets.


History of Roulette

As one of the most popular casino games in the world, roulette has been around for centuries and has undergone many variational changes with new rule settings and table layouts. This game of chance never had the ‘0’ that the game revolves around today and only came into play in the 18th century. As a predominately French-made game, the most popular variations are the European and American roulette variations.

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Best UK Online Roulette Sites



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Real Money Online Roulette VS Free Online Roulette Games

Trying to choose between free or real money roulette? Study the table below for the ultimate guide to real money roulette vs free roulette games online.

Real Money Roulette Pros

  • icon pros
    The thrill of potential large real money wins
  • icon pros
    Immersive gambling experience with live dealer games
  • icon pros
    Access to more bonuses and promotions that require deposits to qualify.
  • icon pros
    More variations to choose from
  • icon pros
    More readily available from online casinos

Real Money Roulette Cons

  • icon cons
    The potential of losing money
  • icon cons
    Requires signup and deposit from an online casino

Free Roulette Pros

  • icon pros
    Makes it possible to practice and improve your skills
  • icon pros
    Provides the chance to test new strategies before playing for real money
  • icon pros
    No deposits or fees associated with free games
  • icon pros
    Perfect for beginners to learn the basics

Free Roulette Cons

  • icon cons
    Fewer roulette variations and game titles are available
  • icon cons
    Not all casinos have free/demo roulette games
  • icon cons
    No possibility of winning real money
  • icon cons
    No Live dealer games
  • icon cons
    No roulette-specific promotions or bonuses

Best Online Roulette Casino: 32Red

Among the many reliable online casinos in the UK, some are considered to be better options for certain gaming needs. 32Red is an online casino that ticks all the boxes to be Casino Legends-approved and provides a variety of roulette games, 24/7 chat support and much more. Find out why 32Red is considered by Casino Legends to be the best Roulette casino for UK players.


important-img You must be 18 years or older to visit the Casino. If you struggle with gambling addiction, we encourage you to seek support at BeGambleAware.




User-Friendly and Customer Support

Whether you are looking to play roulette from a mobile site, desktop site, or app, 32Red is easily accessible with a user-friendly interface.


Bonuses and Promotions

32Red provides their new and existing members with a variety of helpful promotions and bonuses to make use of. With signup, new members can look forward to a 150% match on their first deposit up to $150 as the perfect welcome.


Fast and Secure Banking

32Red presents its members with a variety of safe and secure payment options including PayPal, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, and eWallets. With withdrawal times of between 24 hours and 3 workdays depending on your chosen payment method.


Mobile Casino and App

32Red mobile casino and casino app has a large variety of roulette games to play including European Roulette Gold Series as well as live dealer roulette games from Evolution Gaming.

Highest Payout Rated Roulette Casinos UK

Some online casinos have a wider focus on fairness with their bonus use and thus create a higher payout rate for the casino. Casino Legends ensures that all Casino Legends-approved platforms have a proven track record for roulette payouts. Some of the highest payout percentages for online casinos in the UK with roulette are listed below.



With a 97.33% payout rate and more than 47 live dealer roulette games Unibet is a popular option for roulette games among UK players.



32Red has a payout percentage of +-96% and more than 50 roulette games to choose from top game providers.



MrQ has an average payout percentage of 96% and has a no-wager bonus focus on all their promotions which adds value to their selection of video and live dealer roulette games.

Popular Variations of Online Roulette

As an online casino player, you probably already know there are a few different types of roulette games. Although all roulette games revolve around the same basic rules and gameplay there are differences to each specific variation. Some roulette variations may provide better odds, bigger potential wins, or more thrilling experiences.


American Roulette

America Roulette is a game of chances, whether played as a live dealer game or in first-person video format with RNG. Furthermore, American roulette’s wheel is numbered from 0-36 with an additional double-zero-wheel pocket which is different from the single-zero pocket in European and French Roulette.


  • icon pros
    Widely available variation of roulette on most online casinos in the UK
  • icon pros
    Typically has a lower minimum bet requirement than other variations.
  • icon pros
    Higher house edge provides larger wins for players.


  • icon cons
    Double zero pockets on the wheel and higher house edge create less frequent wins than you could expect from European and French roulette. (The wins are, however, larger amounts).

European Roulette

European roulette is played with 32 numbered pockets ranging from 0 – to 36 with a single zero pocket. European roulette is played with the same types of bets as with American Roulette which includes individual numbers, groups of numbers, colours, and odds.


  • icon pros
    A lower house edge OF 2.70% compared to American roulette's high house edge of 5.26% provides a greater chance of winning.
  • icon pros
    Wide variety of betting options including line, split, straight, street, or corner bets.
  • icon pros
    Commonly available from the most reliable UK online casinos.


  • icon cons
    Although the lower house edge provides more frequent winning potential, the wins will not be nearly as large as that of American Roulette.

French Roulette

French roulette follows the same basic rules as seen with other roulette variations, but there are a few factors that set this variation apart from others. One of the main differences that you will notice is the table layout which includes the outside bets being split between the two long sides of the table instead of being the same long side of the table.

Special Rules in French Roulette

Furthermore, French roulette has two separate sets of rules that make for a completely unique roulette experience. These rules are discussed below.

La Partage Rule

The La Partage rule is one of the most common rules that set French roulette apart from other variations of the game and only applies to even-money bets such as betting on colour and or odds. If you have placed an even-money bet and the ball lands in the zero pocket, you will only lose half of your bet amount instead of the entire wagered amount. The house shares your other half of the loss, giving you the advantage of only half the risk when placing bets.

En Prison Rule

The En Prison Rule can reduce the house edge down to about 1.35% if you are lucky. Both La Partage and En Prison rules revolve around the same principle of giving you back some of your losses as long as you have placed even money outside bet on colour or odds. En Prison rule on the other hand will put your ball in ‘prison’ for one round which after you will receive back your full wagered amount.

Live Immersive Roulette: Real Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer games are considered to provide you with the most thrilling table game experience online. Live roulette works differently than video roulette games as you will be competing against a real dealer on your mobile or desktop screen. With live dealer games, you can look forward to a wide variety of games with different dealers dealing from real casino sets.

What is Live Online Roulette

Live dealer roulette is streamed live from a location with a real live dealer. Live dealer roulette games can be played in all different forms of roulette including European, American, French, and mini roulette. With live dealer games, you can experience the real thrill and excitement of n immersive gambling experience without visiting a brick-and-mortar casino. Furthermore, live dealer games are not just available in roulette variations but also in blackjack, poker, and bingo games.


Benefits of Playing Roulette Live

Other than simply providing a real and immersive gaming experience live dealer games have many benefits to look forward to. Simply put, you will not be playing against an RNG computer-generated program but rather against a real dealer. Take a closer look at some of the most prominent benefits I real dealer roulette gaming below.


Wide variety of roulette games available from top UK Casino Legends approved casinos. Top live dealer games from our recommended online casinos include games from top providers such as Evolution Gaming and Microgaming who are among the most innovative software providers in online gambling.


The main benefit to playing real live roulette vs video roulette is that you will be playing against real dealers where you can communicate and strategize your gameplay as if it is in a real casino.


With real dealer games you are able to communicate with the dealer via the game’s built-in chat function. This helps to provide a more ‘real’ atmosphere for your roulette gaming.


Although the outcome of the game is still up to chance, the real dealer games provide more realistic outcomes due to the wheel spinning live on the game instead of being computer generated. Some live dealer games are however still offered with RNG use in order to be more focused on fairness in the game and to be tested for fairness in a more productive manner.

Where Can Live Dealer Roulette be Played?

Live dealer roulette games can be played from the most reputable online casinos, yet with Casino Legends-approved online casinos you can rest assured to have access to the best live dealer games from Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, roulette bonuses and promotions, and more. Casino Legends-approved casinos with live dealer games include Unibet (43+ live roulette games), 32Red (27+ live roulette games) and MrQ (40+ live table games) as prominent platforms focused on many roulette games and promotions specifically designed for roulette.


Roulette Casino Games on Mobile

Other than being extremely convenient for users on the go, mobile roulette games present many different advantages and are found on mobile casino sites as well as casino apps including the 32Red casino app and the MrQ Casino app. For a thorough comparison between mobile and desktop online roulette games see the table below.

Mobile Casino Pros

  • icon pros
    Apps are available for download
  • icon pros
    Play from anywhere with your mobile device
  • icon pros
    Can opt-in for mobile-specific bonuses
  • icon pros
    More efficient transactions through the use of mobile banking apps

Mobile Casino Cons

  • icon cons
    Generally, much fewer roulette titles available on apps
  • icon cons
    Mobile casino and casino apps do not always provide an equivalent immersive experience to desktop versions
  • icon cons
    Apps require a download to be used

Apps and mobile sites are generally considered to be very convenient for playing roulette games on the go, and some may even provide you with options in live dealer games. For the best experience check with individual apps and mobile sites to determine what the best options for your own needs are.

Tips and Advice to Maximize Roulette Winning Chance

If you are looking to enhance your overall experience with roulette and boost your chances of winning, simply follow the tips and advice points discussed here.


Use Reverse Martingale System

This strategy works in the exact opposite way of the Martingale system by doubling your bet amount after each win. With this variation of Martingale, it is also advised to stick to the same colour or number system.


Place multiple corner Bets

By focusing on only placing multiple corner bets you automatically increase your chances of winning with any roulette variation and odds of around 1:8. Throughout the game, you can stick to the corner closest to the winning number.


Stay Away from Single Number Bets

Single number inside bets provide you with a 1:35 odd payout, which is not considered a positive ratio. You can however play single-number bets from time to time in between other bets.

Best Online Roulette Strategies

Although roulette is all up to chance and no outcome of the game can be determined by means of a strategy you can still enhance your overall chance of placing a winning bet by strategizing. Simply rolling the dice or spinning the wheel is not recommended if you are looking to win real money, which is why we recommend that you use one of the strategies discussed below.


The Martingale System

The Martingale System is by far the most well-known roulette strategy and is also used in most table and card games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat. The strategy works by doubling your bet amount after every loss until you win. This can help to recoup any losses you may have faced up until the winning bet. It is however important to consider that this strategy is not a sure-win strategy and could be potentially dangerous in losing more funds than you have bargained for. Play responsibly with the Martingale System and fold the game before breaching your budget.


The James Bond System

The James Bond System is considered to be a more complex strategy that involves placing specific bets on the roulette table in a strategic manner. To use this strategy player are required to have a larger amount in their bankroll. As an example, if you have $200 in your bankroll simply start by placing $140 on the high numbers between 19 and 36, $50 on numbers between 13 and 18, and the remaining funds on zero. In essence, this strategy is said to provide you with more winning than losing chances.


The Fibonacci System

To use this intriguing strategy players are required to start by betting one unit, after which if they win another unit should be bet. If the bet loses move to the next number in the sequence and bet that amount. This strategy provides players with a chance to minimize losses during losing streaks.

Casino Roulette FAQ

  • Can I win real money with online roulette?

    Yes. Roulette can be played for real money or free on most UK online casinos. If you are looking to expand your experience with roulette by playing for real money, you can look forward to a wide variety of games to choose from. Be sure to select the play now button rather than ‘’demo play’’ when you want to play for real money.

  • What are the best roulette online casinos in the UK?

    Casino Legends-approved casinos are trusted and reliable platforms for roulette playing and provide you with reliable baking, customer support, a variety of roulette games, and more. Among our most popular approved roulette casinos, you can choose between Unibet, 32Red, and MrQ.

  • What numbers hit most in roulette?

    Roulette is a game of chance, which means that every spin of the roulette is up to chance and cannot be predetermined in the outcome. Online casinos also make use of RNG (Random Number Generator) technology to ensure fairness with truly random outcomes.

  • Is there a formula to win roulette?

    No. There is no sure-win method to use in roulette. It is advised to try different strategies in order to enhance your chance of winning roulette. Secondly, it is also important to follow useful tips such as sticking to your budget, playing responsibly, and starting out with free roulette games before playing with real money.