Free Bingo – Guide to The UK’s Favourite Casino Game

Looking for free bingo games? Here you will find all you need to know to start your free bingo journey online. Find out where to find the best games, how free games really work, how to strategize, and how to win big when you ultimately move on to real money bingo.

What is Free Online Bingo?

Bingo is known around the world not only as a casino game but also as a game of chance for those looking to simply explore the thrill and excitement of this traditional game in its online setting. One of the major benefits of paying for free bingo online is that you can practice different strategies and get to know the rules of bingo variations you may not have experience in. It is generally played by both beginners and seasoned bingo players to progress their skills. In essence, many players also choose to simply play free bingo games for the fun and entertainment it brings.

Its History and Origin

Bingo is enjoyed by millions of people around the world, which is no surprise considering that its roots can be traced back to the 16th century. Originating from Italy it was first called ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto Ditalia’ as a lottery game that was played on a weekly basis. Eventually, bingo spread throughout Europe and became extremely popular in France and Germany. It wasn’t until the 18th century that bingo made it to the United States and gained its popularity through a different name “Beano’’.


The UK’s Favourite Traditional Casino Game

Bingo has always been a favourite game among many UK players and has gained even more popularity since the surge in online casino game popularity. The rise of online bingo can be attributed to the advancements in technology and innovations in the iGaming industry to provide live dealer games, video first-person variations, and more.


Where to Find the Best Free Online Bingo Games

Casino Legends makes it easy for UK players to find their favourite and new favourite bingo games in all its varieties. See our short bingo guide below to find the perfect fit for your bingo needs.


Casino Legends – Most Trusted Free Casino Game Guides

Casino Legends is dedicated to providing only the most helpful and thorough reviews on casinos with Bingo games. We ensure that all platforms are licenced and regulated appropriately and have generous and fair bonuses to enhance your overall experience.


Online Casinos

Casino Legends-approved online casinos are packed with generous offers and a wide variety of free demo games to enjoy on your desktop or mobile device. The casino legends-approved casinos listed below are all dedicated to providing you with a decent selection of Bingo titles, reward programs, promotions, and more.

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Bingo Bonuses to Look Out For

Whether you are looking for the perfect welcome from an online casino to jumpstart your bingo journey or want to take part in tournaments through free access to bingo room tickets, there are bonuses to assist players with all skill levels.


Free Spins

Free spins are generally used on online casino slot games but are also common in Slingo games and could at times be obtained through playing bingo with certain drop-and-win promotions. In some cases, you can also find free spins and bingo access all in one bonus as can be seen with the MrQ Casino Welcome offer where you get up to 50 free spins on the Book of Ded slot as well as free bingo for life. Free spins are generally easily obtainable without the requirement of a deposit, which further makes it a popular type of bonus to opt in for.


Free Access Bingo Tickets

Online casino bingo rooms, especially progressive jackpot bingo rooms, require tickets to access and play. For the majority of bingo rooms, you are required to pay a ticket price, especially with progressive jackpots and speed bingo. By opting in for free bingo tournament access you will not have to pay any access fee and you will furthermore be able to win real money as long as the wagering requirements set out by the casino’s bonus terms are met.


Matched Deposit Bingo Bonus

Matched deposits are among the most popular types of credit that are given to members in casino welcome offers. Matched deposits simply mean that a casino will match your deposit by a certain percentage in the form of bonus credit. For example, if the casino offers a 150% match deposit and you deposit £10, you will have a £10 cash balance and a £15 bonus credit. This can be seen with the 32Red IncREDible welcome offer where you can get a 150% Match on Deposits up to £150. The bonus credited can then in turn be used on eligible bingo games.


Loyalty Bingo Bonuses

Loyalty programs are not just for slot game players, but also for other table games including poker, blackjack, bingo, and free baccarat if you are signed up to a generous casino. Loyalty programs generally provide you with bonus credits in the form of bonus money, tournament access, and free spins such as with Unibet’s Bingo Wheel Loyalty system where you can earn free spins for bingo plays.

The Various Types of Free Online Bingo

Whether you are an experienced bingo player or interested in getting started with one of the oldest traditional games in the world, there is a variation to match your skill level and experience. Below you can find detailed descriptions as well as top game choices available online for each variation.

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo, also known as single-line bingo, is one of the more popular variations of bingo as it is also considered to have a standard set of gameplay rules. The main difference between 75-ball bingo and other variations comes down to the number of balls being used in the game being 75. Furthermore, it is played on a 5×5 grid with the letters BINGO being displayed at the top of the screen with each column presenting a different letter as B-I-N-G-O. To win, you must complete a specific pattern on the bingo card in either a straight or diagonal line.

90-Ball Bingo

90-Ball Bingo uses 90 numbers ranging consecutively from 1 – 90. The numbers are drawn and called out by the bingo caller, and each player can then mark the numbers on the screen that have been called. If you complete one or a few lines, or even a full house you win the bingo round. 90-Ball bingo is furthermore faster paced than other variations not including ‘speed bingo’. This variation of bingo is also one of the most frequently found types of bingo in free/demo mode.

Progressive Jackpot Bingo

Progressive Jackpot Bingo stands as the most thrilling variation of bingo online due to the high potential payout of a jackpot amount. The high jackpot amount is generally however not up for grabs if you are playing for free. The jackpot amount increases with each player joining the game and contributes to the overall progressive jackpot amount. As you buy your bingo ticket to join the game a portion of the ticket price gets contributed to the prize pool.

Speed Bingo

Speed Bingo is vastly different from other variations as it only includes 24 different numbers and the middle number in a blank display on the 5×5 grid. With speed bingo, you are also not required to mark your numbers on the digital card as it is done automatically. The first player to complete a specific pattern such as a straight or diagonal line, or full card wins the bingo round. Speed bingo’s low number of numbers makes for fast gameplay and does not take much time to compete. This is furthermore the perfect choice for players looking for multiplayer bingo games.

Themed Bingo

No matter what type of bingo variation you are playing online, chances are they will have a basic theme. Bingo games specifically based on certain themes will however have a much more prominent design towards the theme and provide an exciting experience. Themed bingo comes in all forms including Slingo, speed bingo, 95 ball, and 75 ball bingo.

Slingo Games

Slingo games can be found on most online casino sites in the UK and present the easiest way to start playing if you’re already experienced with casino slot games. Slingo presents players with a combination of slots and bingo in one game where the reels display the numbers which would usually be called out in bingo games. Some Slingo games are also tied to progressive jackpots creating the perfect casino games for beginners and experienced players.

How to Play Bingo – Free and Real Money

Bingo is known as a game of chance where you can win the game by obtaining a line of numbers on your provided numbers grid/card. To start the game, you will receive a card. Next, the ‘caller’ will call out numbers that have been provided by chance via the bingo wheel. If the numbers that are called out are displayed on your card, you need to mark them. Depending on the variant of bingo you are playing and whether it is a live or video version you can win by simply having one or two straight or diagonal lines where the numbers are consecutively in line.
Online bingo is furthermore much more easily accessible than physical bingo destinations and provides different themes and variation options to further enhance your overall experience. Our Casino Legends-approved platforms are among the best UK free bingo sites and provide you with a variety of options in games, generous bingo bonuses, and more.


Benefits of Playing Free Bingo Online

Although free bingo casino games do not make it possible for you to win real money, there are many benefits associated with free games. With most online casinos being focused on providing some sort of bingo gaming option you can look forward to many live bingo rooms, promotions, and more.


No Need to Spend Money

The most important aspect to consider with the benefits of free bingo online casino games is that it is a costless way to enjoy the fun and entertainment of bingo. Furthermore, there are no strings attached in terms of wagering requirements or terms as there is no credit used and only played for fun. This is particularly helpful if you are not ready to bet real money from your casino account and want to eliminate the bankroll factor from your bingo experience. It is however not always possible to join free online bingo tournaments as entrance fees are associated with any form of live dealer or multiplayer online bingo.


Strategize To Win Against Live Bingo Callers and Other Players

Other than demo bingo games standing as the perfect free bingo trainer for simply learning the basics of different bingo variations you can also use it to your advantage to better your skills against live callers and other players. Free bingo sites have multiple options in both video first-person and live dealer bingo games to play; making the switch from free bingo to real money live bingo effortless. By trying different casino strategies such as the Martingale or Fibonacci system you will be able to get used to the idea of playing against a bingo ‘caller’ and other players.


No Budget or Bankroll Limits

Responsible gambling is extremely important and plays a big role in real money casino games. By playing real dealer casino games you must be able to handle your bankroll and budget wisely. If you play free bingo online there is no cost involved, meaning you can focus on the game itself rather than the costs and potential wins associated with real money games. By having no budget or bankroll limits you can easily improve on your bingo skills and not worry about any risks regarding spending.

Free vs Real Money Bingo

If you are considering playing free bingo before accessing real money bingo rooms study the pros and cons listed below for the ultimate lowdown on what to expect with each option.
Real Money Bingo

Real Money Bingo Pros

  • icon pros
    Potential for large real money wins
  • icon pros
    Live variations and tournaments available including bingo rooms
  • icon pros
    Access to bingo loyalty programs and promotions
  • icon pros
    More bingo rooms are available with fees
  • icon pros
    More readily available from online casinos

Free Bingo Pros

  • icon pros
    Makes it possible to practice and improve your skills
  • icon pros
    Gives you a chance to test new strategies before joining real money bingo rooms
  • icon pros
    No deposits or fees associated with free games
  • icon pros
    Perfect for beginners to learn the basics

Real Money Bingo Cons

  • icon cons
    The potential of losing money
  • icon cons
    Requires entrance fees to access bingo rooms

Free Bingo Cons

  • icon cons
    Fewer bingo variations and rooms are available
  • icon cons
    Not all casinos have free/demo bingo or Slingo games
  • icon cons
    No possibility of winning real money
  • icon cons
    No Live dealer games
  • icon cons
    No bingo-specific promotions or bonuses

Win With Bingo: Tips and Advice from the Casino Legends Experts

Winning big with real money bingo is possible if you are playing responsibly, not spending more than you can afford, and using proven strategies to try and beat the odds. Follow our top tips and advice picks below to get your bingo odds-beating session on the roll.


Master the Rules Before Playing For Real Money

Sure, playing for real money does have the very exciting concept of winning large sums of cash, but it is still a game that is up to chance, and you will need to know the rules if you want to stand a chance at beating the odds. Mastering the most basic rules can already put you at an advantage. First, different types of bingo have different rules to understand, and 75-ball bingo is considered to be the easiest variation of roulette to master. Mastering the nuances of each game such as betting patterns is vital in standing a chance at beating bingo odds.


Make Use Of Bingo Specific Promotions

Bingo-specific promotions such as Unibet’s BingoWheel loyalty program can create a vastly more enjoyable experience with a greater chance of gaining some sort of reward or cash wins. Most online casinos also provide a chance to opt in for a welcome bonus where the bonus credit obtained through the offer can be used to play bingo games. By using bonus credit to play bingo games you may even have an opportunity to play thrilling variations such as progressive jackpots or speed bingo tournaments. Many free bingo sites provide their members with a variety of promotions and bonuses other than welcome bonuses that are specifically focused on Bingo. Keep an eye on our Casino Legends bonus guides for updated details on currently available roulette bonuses and promotions.


Make Use Of Different Strategies

Different strategies including the Fibonacci, Martingale, and Reverse Martingale can truly enhance your overall winning chance with Bingo. Strategies require you to use a dedicated system of numbers to determine the amount you will bet, and others may require you to simply double your bet amounts after each win or loss. It is however vital to use strategies wisely and not overspend on your budget for the sake of following the strategy.


  • Can I play free bingo online?

    Yes. There are many ways to play free bingo games, some online casinos have free bingo rooms to join in on and others may provide you with demo mode Slingo games that have a combination of bingo and slots in one. In some cases, you may also be able to make use of bonus credit to play free bingo, yet this will depend on the type of promotion you are making use of.

  • What are no-deposit bingo games?

    Free bingo no-deposit games require no deposit for eligibility in play and you do not need to spend any real money to play the game. This is the perfect opportunity for bingo players who are looking to have some fun without the risk of losing real money or if you just want to practice a few strategies. Keep an eye on our Casino Legends bonus guides for updates on available free bingo no deposit UK promotions.

  • Can I win real money in free online Bingo games?

    No. Real money cannot be won in free online bingo. You can however stand a chance at turning bonus money into real money by completing the wagering requirement. This would however usually require you to deposit bonus eligibility.

  • What are the basic gameplay rules of Bingo?

    The basic rules of standard 75 ball bingo are simple; you will receive a card with numbers on it. A ‘caller’ will call out numbers at random which you can mark down on your card if they are present. The overall goal is to call out bingo as soon as all the numbers on your card have been marked.