League Of Legends Betting – Main Tournaments And Schedule

Betting on eSports requires a vast knowledge of the games, teams, and, ultimately, sports betting odds and betting markets. If you are already in the know of League of Legends (LOL) betting, you can indulge in any of the main tournaments listed below. Not yet a League of Legends expert? Follow this guide to get yourself clued up on the most righteous teams, betting markets, and more.

Main eSports Tournaments to Bet on


LPL: League of Legends Pro League

First Season split 22 January 2024 – 27 March 2024 – China


League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK)

First Season Split 17 January 2024 – 24 March 2024 – Korea


The Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

1 May 2024 – 19 May 2024 – Chinna


League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)

25 September 2024 – 2 November 2024

League of Legends Bet Types and Odds

Online eSports betting requires careful consideration of types of bet markets and odds before wagering your bet. The types of eSports bets below are considered to be among the most popular with League Of Legends betting.


Prop Bets

Prop bets may not be what you expect from a standard bet type as they do not rely on the end-game results. If you are considering live betting, a prop bet is the perfect bet type to wager with, as you can simply bet on which player might make the first dragon or baron kill.

Example of a prop bet – Wager on Fly Quest to make the first kill against Liquid in the LoL World Championships


Outright Bet

No matter what LoL betting site you are betting with, outright bets will always be available as they are by far the most straightforward bets to place. With an outright bet, you wager on who the outright winner of a round or event will be.

Example of an outright bet – Wager a match winner outright bet on T1 to win DRX outright with the Mid-Season Invitational.


Score Bet

Score bets require you to bet on what you think the final score will be in the match. To win, you need to guess the exact final score. It is advised to use a score bet with in-play betting when streaming via UnibetTV or similar platforms, as you can bet in real-time as the game progresses.

Example of a score bet – Wager that the score between Natus Vencere and Fnatic at the Worlds event will be 2-4 (2 points for Natus Vencere and 4 points for Fnatic).

LoL Betting Odds Example

Odds in eSports betting represent the odds of each team winning a chance and are divided into Underdogs (+) and Favourites (-). With an underdog (+) bet, you stand a smaller chance of winning, yet the amount you win will be more. With a Favourite bet (-) you have a greater chance of beating the bet, yet you will need to bet substantially to win a smaller amount. It is vital to carefully consider League of Legends betting odds instead of simply betting on a team you like.


Example of Odds in a Wager (T1 Vs DRX)

T1 Team (Odds-120) vs DRX (Odds+105)

  • The T1 Team is considered the Favourite and will provide a great chance of winning.
  • The DRX Team is considered the underdog and has a lower chance of winning, yet it will provide more significant wins.
  • T1 Team Odds of -120 means you will need to bet £120 to win £100 profit
  • DRX team odds of +105 means you only need to bet £100 to win £105
  • Ultimately, the underdog is more profitable, yet you have less chance of winning the bet.

LoL Betting: Top 3 Teams to Bet on

Many teams thrive particularly well in League of Legends esports events; these are the teams that are considered “favourites” and provide excellent odds of winning with online esports betting on LoL tournaments.



GiantX is an eSports team based in Europe. Although the team is mostly known for being in the top level of professional League of Legends teams in Europe, Africa, and The Middle East.

Top Players in GiantX include Andrei Pasc, Lee Min-gyu, and Billy Readman.



T1 is considered the top League Of Legends eSports team due to 4 World Championship wins, 10 Korea Champions titles and two Mid-Season wins.

Top players in  T1 include Choi Woo-je, Ryu Min-seok, and Mun Hyeon-jun.



Fnatic competes in most major esports games, including League Of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2, and CS:GO.

Top players in Fnatic include Damien Chok, Armel Paul Tabios, and Djardel Mampusti.

Best League of Legends Betting Sites UK



Unibet is one of the most popular online sportsbooks in the UK. They provide ample betting opportunities through different markets and bet types and offer promotions and bonuses that enhance odds and ways to benefit when losing a bet.


  • pros
    Sports-specific bonuses
  • pros
    Wide range of betting markets
  • pros
    Competitive odds
  • pros
    Bet Builder feature
  • pros
    Very Helpful welcome offer
  • pros
    UnibetTV live streaming for in-play bets
  • pros
    Unibet Sports App for Ios and Android


  • cons
    Customer support has received some negative feedback from users
  • cons
    Not all games are optimised for mobile

Get Unibet Welcome Offer: Money back in bonus credit if your first sports bet loses + £10 Bonus Casino Money.



32Red is considered an allrounder of casino games and sports betting, with a large emphasis on creating a responsible gambling environment with fair wagering requirements.


  • pros
    Sports-specific bonuses for cashing out and price boosts
  • pros
    Easy to navigate sports section
  • pros
    Live Betting
  • pros
    24/7 chat support
  • pros
    Helpful welcome offer


  • cons
    No sports app
  • cons
    No sports-specific welcome offer

Get 32Red Welcome Offer: 150% Welcome Match Bonus

How We Choose the Best LOL Betting Sites

Casino Legends is dedicated to only recommending the best online gambling platforms with a genuine focus on quality entertainment and responsible betting. We ensure all required factors are met before choosing an online casino or sportsbook as a Casino Legend-approved platform.

The following considerations have been met when choosing our top 2 best League of Legends betting sites.



We ensure that all UK Casino Legends-approved gambling platforms are licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and/or the Malta Gaming Authority. Making use of a law-abiding platform is vital if you are looking for a real chance at winning real money.



Not all LoL betting sites are created equal; although most online sportsbooks will provide a variety of promotions and bonuses, some might not have the greatest odds. Generally speaking, the odds are fairly similar across platforms; Casino Legends ensures that a fair standard of odds is presented by the sportsbook.


Betting Markets

Casino Legends ensures that our recommended platforms give their members a chance to make various types of bets, including parlay betting through a bet builder.


Bonuses and Fair Terms

Bonuses and promotions can have a strong influence on your winnings. We carefully look into League of Legends betting UK site’s bonus terms to ensure you have a fair chance of completing the wagering requirements associated with their bonus.


Banking Options

We carefully look into all League of Legends betting site cashier sections to ensure safe and efficient baking is available. All Casino Legends-approved LoL betting sites have encryption protocols for your banking details and provide an ample variety of banking methods with fast deposits and withdrawals.


  • Where can you bet on the League?

    There are many online sportsbooks licenced and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission that provide legal betting on eSports, including League of Legends Championship tournaments. Casino Legends recommends Unibet and 32Red as two of the best League of Legends betting sites for their fairness, approach to responsible gambling, and a wide variety of betting markets.

  • How do you bet on esports matches?

    Simply create an account with a trusted Casino Legends-approved sportsbook, credit your account, head to the sports section, select eSports, and place a bet on any upcoming League of Legends tournament or match. You can also choose in-play betting to wager while the game is still ongoing.

  • Can I bet on the LCS?

    Yes. The League of Legends Championship Series are available for live streaming and betting via the most reputable online casinos in the UK that offer in-play betting with streaming. To bet on LCS, simply head to a Casino Legends-approved sportsbook and select the tournament to bet on.