Rocket Games Guide: Countdown to Your Winning Streak

Rocket games are quickly becoming a popular gaming trend among online gamblers in the UK. Semi-live gameplay, where players place their wagers consecutively on the outcome of each round, provides a means to play live immersive games that are not card or table-based. Learn everything from the basics to top strategies and the best rocket games to play with this Casino Legends rocket games guide.

Rocket Games: The Inner Workings

Casino rocket games are a form of immersive gambling that falls under the “crash gaming” category of casino games. Rocket games work with a multiplier that multiplies as the object of the game sets into higher levels and requires the player to predict the height that the rocket will reach. The overall theme that is present throughout different titles is the use of aeroplanes or rockets flying into space or taking off from the ground.

Pros of Playing Rocket Games

  • Unique immersive gambling experience
  • Ability to predict outcome rather than simply spinning a reel of a slot
  • Auto Cash-out feature to assist with easier gameplay
  • Large potential payouts as opposed to standard slots, bingo, etc.

Cons of Playing Rocket Games

  • Limited titles available
  • Unpredictable

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This exciting rocket game by Spribe uses a curve crash mechanic with an RTP of 97%, low-med variance, and a max bet availability of £100.

Aviator is one of the most popular crash/rocket games found online. This exciting game involves the player wagering on the outcome of a virtual small plane descending. Place your bet on the provided graph that displays the progress that the aircraft is making in the game and wait for the outcome.

Aviator Pros

  • High RTP: 97%
  • Fast-paced with low-med variance
  • Available on plenty of mobile casino sites and apps
  • Minimum bet from as low as £0.01

Aviator Cons

  • Beginners may not find the game easy at first
  • Maximum bet limited to £100


JetX is one of the latest rocket/crash games to enter the world of immersive online gambling. Developed by Smartsoft, this game has decent graphics and technical features, including a Max Win of x25000 and RTP of 97%.

Like the Aviator game, JetX simply requires the player to predict how high the jet will fly before the game ends. When you are ready to cash out, click the “Collect” button and cash out.

JetX Pros

  • Unique crash mechanic
  • High RTP (97%)
  • Live chat available with gameplay
  • No Download required

JetX Cons

  • High volatility may not suit beginner players
  • Lacks in-game bonuses


This Pragmatic Play crash/rocket game is one of the most exciting titles to be released in the game category, with a 96.5% RTP and max win of x5000. To play the game, you are required to wager on how high you believe the spaceman will fly before the game ends. Wager amounts are set at a minimum of £1 to a maximum of £100.

Spaceman Pros

  • Colourful graphics and theme
  • Chatroom available for all real money players to access
  • Auto cash presets
  • 50% Cash out option to minimise risk

Spaceman Cons

  • Lower RTP than with Aviator and JetX
  • Higher minimum bet amount (£1)

Why Are Rocket Games So Popular?

Rocket crash games are popular for many reasons, the most obvious being the unique gameplay of mixing live immersive wagering and placing wagers on the outcome of the game object. Casino rocket games online provide a whole new experience for gamers looking for exciting games with an attractive interface and graphics with the added difference of “no-reels” gameplay.

  • Unique Gameplay Mechanic
  • Potential for big payouts
  • Themed around the overall game atmosphere of predicting a crash
  • Many titles have high RTP of up to 99%, making your chance of winning potential greater than with most slot games
  • Can be played with most traditional strategies due to the presence of constantly increasing multiplier

With the popularity of rocket/crash games becoming more apparent, you can stay up to date on all the latest gambling industry news by visiting our Casino Legends news section.

Perfect for Mobile Casino Gaming

Mobile casinos are the perfect platforms for exploring crash rocket games online, as they are available on the most reliable Casino Legends-approved casino apps with complete mobile optimisation for effortless gaming. Some of the most exciting online casino games approved by Casino Legends for reliable gambling entertainment include rocket games such as Spaceman and Aviator. Being fully optimised for mobile gaming, these games provide the ultimate entertainment in immersive online gambling on the go.

Strategize for Rocket/Crash Games: 3 Top Strategies

Looking to up your game with your next rocket gaming session? Consider any of the strategies below for a possible increase in winning potential. Remember to use strategies responsibly to your means.

Consider The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is an age-old strategy used by professionals in poker and many other traditional casino games. Its use in traditional games does not mean it won’t work in a modern gambling environment, such as with immersive rocket gaming. With casino rocket games, you can still incorporate this strategy by simply taking advantage of the constantly increasing multiplier. Double your stake with every loss until you start hitting your winning streak, and then move back to your first wager amount.

Use the Multiplier Increase to Your Advantage

As rocket and crash games use the same “crash-mechanic”, you can use the multiplier similarly. Simply put, the multiplier will also increase as the rocket reaches higher levels. In essence, the larger the multiplier goes, the larger the winning potential amount will reach. Simply wait it out until the rocket reaches high multiplier levels, and then place your wager for the crash.

Use Auto Cash-out to Minimize Risk

Simply using your chosen game’s auto cash-out feature could provide you with a winning chance without incorporating your own prediction. The auto cash-out feature will wager on random crash times for the rocket instead of the player making a prediction on when the crash will happen.

Rocket Games FAQ

Where to play Rocket Games for free?

Rocket games are not always available to play in demo play, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a chance to play for fun. Casinos such as Mr.Q and 32Red have a variety of free crash and rocket games to choose from.

What are the best rocket games?

Aviator, SpaceXY, JetX, and Spaceman are considered to be among the most popular crash/rocket games in the UK. You can, however, find your new favourite rocket game by scouring the collection of rocket games from any Casino Legends-approved casino.

Can I win real money playing rocket games?

Yes. Rocket and crash games alike provide a means to a fair chance at winning real money through pacing successful wagers on the outcome of a game. With Rocket games being specifically focused on multiplier games, you can look forward to large potential wins.

Posted on: 5 Mar 2024 by John Casey